Well, about what?

The website? Me? Why even have a website?

This website has been many different things and likely to be something different in the near future. This is just the latest version. It’s just a simple theme to post observations. I’ve had various websites since sometime in 1996. I started out posting on free sites using Notepad to code html. But enough for the history.

This website is where I will post my short musings instead on X (not one penny to you Elon!) when I am not using Threads. I will try to stay out of politics and religion… no promises. If you watch the news you know that politics is a great source of jokes. I am impressed with the cartoonists because they are always right on top of the latest farce out of Washington DC.

The one thing this website is not going to be is an autobiographical account of me and my life so far. Yesterday’s glory won’t help us to today, I ought to retire and get out of the way… name that tune!

Anyway, if you want to get in touch email me here dude@duanegallaher.com