Congratulations 49s! Or Chiefs! Or Who Won!

So, the great thing about WordPress is that I can schedule posts ahead time. So, this post will be posted on Monday after the Swiftbowl. I have know idea who will win but am still hoping the commercials are better this year than the last few years.

My life won’t get better or worse if either team loses or wins partly because I do not gamble on sports and partly because these are not two teams I follow that close. I like the insurance ads because Reid pulls his part off perfectly (wanting the Nuggies) HA! This has nothing to do with winning a football game just as Taylor Swift being at the games has nothing to do with winning a football game either. Wow, that’s last sentence rambled on. Swift doesn’t like Mr. Indictment so we have that in common. Still nothing to do with football.

I hope your pick wins and you win the bet if you are one to gamble. Oh, good morning America!

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