Sunday Funny

SCOTUS – what a joke (on the American people).

If you follow actual news instead of the propaganda misinformation of Fox and the other disinformation machines you know what I am talking about. The members that lied during their confirmation hearings and Mr. ShowMeTheMoney and their enabler Mr. AllNeato with conflict of interests if it involved GOP donors.

I grew up having deep respect for supreme court justices. I also learned to only give respect to those who deserve it. Unfortunately this means I have no respect for the justices that lied to get confirmed, enabled misconduct and act as though they think they are above the law. We could replace these justices with an old Magic 8-ball and not even notice the difference.

This is not because they do not agree with me it is because they do not agree with truth and justice. There is one justice who is married to an insurrectionist yet refuses to recuse himself from election related hearings. Shame on Mr. ShowMeTheMoney.

Oh, good morning America.

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