It’s So Tiring

Mr. Indictment’s Big Lie is exactly that, a Big Lie. Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, flat earth, 2020 election.

  • Easter Bunny, cute for children but adults know better
  • Tooth Fairy, see Easter Bunny
  • Flat earth, seek professional help and get a clue
  • 2020 election, Biden won and if you think differently see Flat earth and * by 1,000,000

This isn’t to be cruel or mean but Mr. Indictment’s supporters will believe the ripest bullshit ever spewed. This started with the Birther BS movement and just continues to spread. Just watch The Daily Show to see the ignorance and nonsense from the MAGA cult. It’s sad but it is pretty funny.

Oh, and good morning America.

Well, maybe I’m not done ranting after all!

Look, there are only two types of Mr. Indictments supporters.

  1. Those who know he is a fraud and a complete disaster but refuse to admit it. They want the chaos, violence and suffering of others. They are not patriots, they are domestic terrorists.
  2. Those who cluelessly believe all the nonsense because for whatever reason they desire to be a loyal subject to the wannabe dictator. Let’s just tell them the election has been postponed until December :0)

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