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Oh No, My Last Few Rants!

Every time I rant about Mr. Indictment, MAGA, and the Klan Kult there is a little guilt because I have one friend that is all about the Big Liar. Everyone else doesn’t get any concern but this one friend is one of those voters that only looks for an ‘R’ when he votes. He quite literally would vote for Rock (R) or Board (R) or Turd (R). I get it, he would vote for willing the lottery if there was a (D) next to it but would vote for being homeless (R). I’ve never asked him if he believes the Big Lie because I am afraid I will laugh at him or call him an idiot because only idiots willing believe the Big Lie (period)

Unfortunately voters that look at party over character and fitness seems to be a good percentage of American voters since 2016. We were lucky in 2020 to have elected Biden.

2024 – NEVER Mr. Indictment

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