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MAGA = United Hates of America

It always comes down to not wanting to pay one penny in taxes and unlimited access to weapons of mass destruction. A military style assault rifle used in a mass shooting is a weapon of mass destruction. Make no mistake, if there is money to be made selling nuclear arms to anyone deranged enough to want one the NRA and MAGA republicans will claim it is a 2nd amendment right.

White nationalist are the driving force behind the MAGA movement. They want the end of democracy in America and the establishment of an autocrat. They want someone that hates everyone else and the rule of law as much as they do. Right wing propaganda and misinformation is fueling the acceptance of Mr. Indictment. It’s hard to believe anyone in their right mind wants a sexual predator, constant liar, insurrectionist, charity robbing, racist, 5th grade bully mentality narcissist for president. I might have missed an adjective or too.

I almost wish Mr. Indictment would have won in 2020 if so many more Americans would not have died because of his inept ‘shot of bleach’ and ‘it will be gone in a week’ ignorance. But I do wonder if he would try to end the two term limit on the presidency if he had won. He is hell bent on becoming America’s first dictator. The only hope for democracy in America is to keep this known criminal out of office. And yes, LOCK HIM UP.

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