Random Thoughts

He Is Not A Good Person

It’s one thing to have your favorite heel to clap for on the WWE because the WWE is entertainment not reality. Mr. Indictment isn’t playing a heel, he is a sick and troubled man-child. The consequences of supporting this abomination, Mr. Indictment are of great consequence to our democracy.

Mr. Indictment is only running for office to keep himself from going to jail. He only cares about himself and not one other person, constitution, law, or country. He wants to be able to use his first amendment right to interfere with his court cases. I am going to use my 1st amendment to voice what an evil and despicable mentally ill thing he is. Yeah for the 1st amendment. I can run for president too so I can do whatever I want because that is the reality in America today.

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy it while you can… if Mr. Indictment is elected he will be the only turkey that gets pardoned.

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