Random Thoughts

I’ve Had Enough

So… I thought jokes, music and fractals could distract me from the frustration of Mr. Indictment and his cult following. It didn’t work so I ended up restoring all my previous political posts. Seeing the political cartoons did make my mood better.

I am not vermin and will not be dehumanized by an evil orange buffoon.

If Mr. Indictment Is The Second Coming, I am Going To Hell

That’s right, I have never been and will never be a cult member or follower of any politician. I support those who reflect my beliefs but they are just as human as me. President Biden isn’t perfect but he isn’t an insurrectionist to the US and Mr. Indictment is. It is so disappointing that so many Americans know Mr. Indictment is a criminal and support him because he is.

Do you remember the city of Sodom?
There was wickedness throughout the land
Well the Lord said, “Lot, hey brother we got trouble
Go to your city and find me one good man”
Aw can you find me one good man?
All I need is one good man

Well we know what happened when Lot returned alone
He said, “I’m sorry Lord but I could not find one”
Well the Lord said “You ain’t worthy of salvation, no!”
And He raised His mighty hand

And He destroyed them all
‘Cause He could not find one good man
Not in all the land, there wasn’t one good man
Aw can you find me, can you find me one good man?

All I need is one good man

I have seen children go hungry
For the lack of their daddy’s smile
I’ve seen those children grow up bitter
‘Cause they never had the love of one good man
I have seen women lose all their pride
Trying to please one selfish man
I have seen women lose their very soul
Searchin’, searchin’ for one good man

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