So Tired of Mr. Indictment And MAGA

This will be my last post about the lawless autocracy crazy 36% of Americans for a while. I need to take a break and focus on more positive things in my life. Honestly, I just wish they would all go away but until people quit voting for domestic terrorists, insurrectionists and those hell bent on ending our democracy… it isn’t happening any time soon.

It’s hard not to hate the people instead of just hating the lies, misinformation and unwillingness to listen to common sense. It is impossible to make MAGA admit they know the truth. They keep repeating the known lies from Mr. Indictment and want him to be above the law. That is not America and what America represents. The sooner we are rid of Mr. Indictment the better.

I am also tired of calling them stupid. Many do lack common sense. One MAGA told me on Twitter he is convinced that Obama is an alien. What can you do with this nonsense? Well, leave “X” was my response.


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