America Was Great Before MAGA

In 2016 Mr. Indictment came out with the racist idea of “Making America White Again” disguised as making America great again. The majority of his supports are aware of his racist intentions and that’s why they still support him. I believe this movement was fueled by President Obama being elected twice. The MAGA movement thought, “How dare a black man run and win the office of President in America!”. Sorry Racist Randy and Krazy Karen but the people elected someone that turned out to be one of the greatest Presidents in our history so far. The thing that followed Obama is an abomination and traitor to our democracy. Mr. Indictment was a failed wannabe dictator.

If we are to make America great again we must make an example of Mr. Indictment and those who aided the insurrection. This is the only way forward to keep our country strong. Anything else is the end of our democracy.

By the way… Happy Halloween!

Spooky Porch on Halloween

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