Humor Or Sarcasm?

It struck me as I look back over previous posts that the post might be taken more as sarcasm than humor. They are quips like what does FORD start for, “Found on road dead” or “First on race day”. These aren’t particularly funny depending on how you feel about Fords. I have owned and like Fords but find the “Found on road dead” tease funny. I’ve never owned a Fiat but like the quips about it too. I don’t recall a positive Fiat statement to be honest. I would gladly own an 1974 Spider 124… but probably never will unless someone is selling one that has been converted to electric.

Ford v. Chevy and motorboats v. sailboats are similar areas where both sides give ample ribbings to each other. It’s usually done in good fun but some times folks go too far. The great part about being an independent is that I can be happy with either side. In full disclosure, my choices are Toyota and a kayak.

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