Humor Is Non-partisan

Humor is non-partisan… this was borrowed from my wife’s ‘Life Is Good’ shirt with ‘Kindness in non-partisan” printed on it. My version is that as an independent non party aligned voter… we can make fun of both parties. We don’t have to be cruel about it. Mark Russell used to do a great job poking fun at everyone in DC that were unfortunate enough to make the news.

My post about Joe Biden looking like Walter from the Jeff Dunham show is funny because he does. He doesn’t look that way all the time just when he frowns instead of smiling. Walt can be smug or sarcastic but he wasn’t built for smiling.

The way Bernie Sanders always did his ‘raise one pointing finger up in the air’ during debates was also something I found funny to watch. We all have our different quirks and we are do things that others find funny… take time to laugh and don’t take yourself so serious!

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