VoTe ThE SpEaKeR Out

The vote is happening as this post is being written… crazy times in Washington DC these days. MAGA think they are above the law and want attention. The solution could be to give these clowns their own sitcom on Fox. Now… what would that show be called?

Ok, Kevin is out… let’s start thinking about the sitcom names.

The MAGA Show Name Suggestions

  • All In One Family Tree
  • Benson ‘n Hedges
  • Charles In Jail
  • Donald Ducks
  • Everyone Hates Kevin
  • Full Single-wide
  • Fox Noose
  • Gomer’s Island
  • Hillbilly Street Blues
  • Inbred Housewives
  • Jeopardy (Legal)
  • Kay Kay Kay Karen
  • Liars
  • M.A.S.H Potatoes
  • Not One Clue
  • Opra Banjos
  • Prison Homes
  • Quirky
  • Rednecks
  • 60 MAGA Total Brain Cells
  • Turkey Deep-frying Videos
  • Unidentified Fried Organs
  • V – Domestic Aliens
  • The Wonder Beers
  • X Flies
  • Yokels
  • Zero Clues (spin-off of Not One Clue)

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